Homecoming Events

Scarlet Together, Scarlet Forever

It’s time for the Rutgers community to get back together. That means Rutgers Homecoming on October 7–9!

It’s time for the excitement of Scarlet Knights football when Rutgers faces off against Michigan State on October 9. Time to honor the “Old Guard” Class of 1971 and celebrate the milestones of other graduating classes. Time to reunite the past, present, and future with activities that bring back old memories and create new ones. Don’t miss this campuswide opportunity to “come home” to Rutgers and celebrate what it means to be Scarlet Forever!

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Knights on the Banks: Homecoming Edition

Tuesday, October 5

Comedy Knight with Chris James
9pm – Livingston Student Center

Join us Tuesday, October 5 at 9pm for a comedy show at the Livingston Student Center – the perfect way to kick off Homecoming Week.

Wednesday, October 6

RUPA Presents: 13th Annual Homecoming Bed Races – Bed Decorating
8pm – College Ave Student Center

Teams are invited to come out and decorate their bed for Thursday’s annual Bed Races! Don’t forget – design and decoration is part of the competition.

Hypnotist on the Banks with Zach Pincince
9pm – Busch Student Center

Continue Homecoming celebrations with us on October 6 at the Busch Student Center! On Wednesday’s schedule – hypnotist Evan Gambardella starting at 9pm.

Thursday, October 7

RUPA Presents: 13th Annual Homecoming Bed Races
9pm – Sicard Street

Homecoming Bed Races infographic

It’s that time of year again, Bed Races are back! Come out to celebrate Homecoming and cheer on your fellow Scarlet Knights all while supporting a great cause! Watch teams of students race down Sicard Street (right behind the College Avenue Student Center) at our Thirteenth Annual Homecoming Charity Bed Races! Teams need to provide a minimum donation of 40 brand new children-sized, washable, cloth masks to benefit the children of Roosevelt Elementary School in New Brunswick. To register your team, visit go.rutgers.edu/2021BedRaces.

Sicard St from Bartlett to Senior and Morrell St from College Ave to Sicard St. will be closed from 5pm to midnight on Thursday Oct 7.

Lot 30 behind the College Ave Student Center will be partially closed from 6am Thursday through Friday at noon, and fully closed on Thursday from 5pm to midnight.

No parking, cars will be towed.

If you have any questions, please email RutgersHomecoming@gmail.com.

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Sign Up!

Interested groups can register here: https://megr.wufoo.com/forms/q1v3wlyh12qjvwo/.

The Division of Student Affairs has 60 beds available on a first-come, first-served basis. These beds are provided to teams for use in the race, but will remain property of Student Affairs. Once registration is filled, teams can request to be put on the waitlist by emailing RutgersHomecoming@gmail.com.

Before registering, please be sure to read this information in full so that you are confident the four team members you register for your team can meet the timeline requirements. Teams without all 4 members fully checked in by 7:30PM the night of Bed Races will be disqualified.

Check In and Decorate!
Wednesday, October 6: Bed Race Decorating
College Avenue Campus, Morrell Street, Bed Race Tent – 6PM-10PM

All beds will be available for teams to claim and decorate on this night in the Bed Race Tent on Morrell Street next to the College Avenue Student Center. PLEASE NOTE: At least one member of each team must check in between 6PM and 8PM Wednesday night to claim a bed and confirm the team’s place on the roster for the race the following night. If you fail to do this by 8PM another team on the waitlist will receive your bed. There are no exceptions.

Teams are welcome to decorate their beds in the tent up until 10PM. All beds must remain in the tent until the race. The tent will be guarded by RUPD for the duration of the night. The tent will reopen at 10AM on Thursday, October 7 and all decorating of beds must be completed by 6PM. All bed decorations will be inspected prior to the race for safety and other requirements as defined in the rules and regulations handout.

Painting of beds, headboards and footboards is permitted on Wednesday, October 6 only (YOU MAY NOT PAINT ON THURSDAY!), but must be done in the area outside of the tent on a tarp that is provided.  PLEASE NOTE:  Teams who paint on the sidewalk, street or tent walls will be disqualified from the race, will be charged the cost of paint removal, and will not be permitted to register for the bed races the following year.

Show Up!
Thursday, October 7: 13th Annual Homecoming Charity Bed Races
College Avenue Campus, Morrell Street and Sicard Street
6:30PM-7:30PM Mandatory Team Check-In
8PM-8:30PM Line-up
9PM Race Begins

Your ENTIRE team must check-in at the Bed Race Tent on Morrell Street on Thursday, October 7 between 6:30PM and 7:30PM, but NO LATER THAN 7:30PM. NO EXCEPTIONS! If a member of your team can not be checked in by 7:30PM and ready to race at that time then you need to find a new member for your team that can.

The entry fee for your team to participate in Bed Races is a minimum donation of 40 brand new children-sized, washable, cloth masks to benefit the children of Roosevelt Elementary School in New Brunswick.

You must bring your donation with you to check-in on Thursday night between 6:30PM and 7:30PM. At this time, donations will be counted and waivers will be signed. Teams who do not have the minimum donation will be disqualified from the race. Remember that the teams with the highest number of brand new children-sized, washable, cloth masks will receive BONUS points.

Your beds will be lined up in heats and the race will begin promptly at 9PM. BRING SUPPORTERS! Encourage friends and family to attend the race! In the event of rain, the race will be held as long as conditions are considered safe by race coordinators. Should rain prevent the race from happening, awards will be presented to teams in all categories of judging other than race time.

Warm Up, Win It & Clean Up!

  • Following the race, winners will be announced in front of the trailer on the side of Sicard Street.
  • Following the awards presentation, all teams are required to return their beds to the Bed Race Tent and remove/discard any decorations. Teams who do not remove and dispose of their bed décor risk being prohibited from bed race entry next year.

Prizes! Winners!

  • First Place Overall: Trophy and $750 to the organization
  • Second Place Overall: Trophy and $500 to the organization
  • Third Place Overall: Trophy and $250 to the organization
  • Consolation prizes and trophies will also be awarded to teams with the best individual speed, bed design, costumes, and number of school supplies donated.

Any questions? Email RutgersHomecoming@gmail.com.


Bed Design

  • All beds are provided by the Division of Student Affairs and are twin size with the following dimensions:
    • 72”-78” long
    • 34”–40” wide
    • 24”-38” off the ground
  • All beds have 4 wheels securely attached to the bed frame that make contact with the ground at all times. The two wheels that do not swivel must be facing front when racing.
  • All beds have a securely attached headboard and footboard.
  • All beds include the provided mattress that is 4” thick.
  • No push/pull handles that protrude beyond the edges of the bed are allowed.
  • No steering devices or motorized/electronic propulsion devices are allowed.
  • All decorative elements to your bed must be securely attached and pose no risk to the rider, pushers or other teams. Race coordinators may remove any element from your bed prior to the race, if necessary.
  • The design of the beds should be tasteful and appropriate for all ages due to the family-oriented nature of Homecoming. Beds with obscene or degrading designs will not be permitted to race.

Racing Teams

  • Racing Teams must consist of a maximum of 4 members: 3 pushers and 1 rider.
  • All racers must be at least 18 years of age.
  • All riders must weigh at least 100 pounds.
  • Substitutions will be allowed in the event of injury/sickness at the discretion of race coordinators.
  • All racers must remain in contact with the bed at all times during a heat.


  • All racers must sign an Informed Consent Waiver before participating in the race.
  • All racers must wear closed toe shoes and helmets. Helmets are provided by the race coordinators.

During the Race

  • All pushers and riders must remain in contact with the bed at all times and be in control of the bed until it comes to a complete stop.
  • Pushers must remain behind or on the side of the bed. No one can be pulling or in front of the bed.
  • The rider must be sitting or lying the entire time that the bed is in motion. No standing/kneeling.
  • Teams will respect opposing teams and not interfere or impede their progress.

The Course

Pushers will push the bed for a designated length of Sicard Street between Morrell Street and Senior Street. In the first round, both teams are timed and the top eight fastest teams will advance to the semi-finals. Once in the semi-finals, the team that first crosses the finish line, assuming that they follow all of the rules, will win the heat and continue to advance.


Teams will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Speed (30%)
  2. Design/Decoration of the Bed (20%)
  3. Design/Decoration of the Team Uniforms (20%)
  4. Number of school supplies Donated (30%)

All judging decisions are FINAL.

Any questions? Email RutgersHomecoming@gmail.com.

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Friday, October 8

Student Centers and Activities Pop Up Tent
2pm – Morrell Street

We’re popping up over on Morrell Street on Friday, October 8 from 2pm-4pm. We’ll have music, giveaways and Insomnia Cookies.  

Late Knight: Homecoming Edition
9pm – College Ave Student Center

Late Knight: Homecoming Edition

Late Knight: Homecoming Edition will feature a DJ and dance floor, photo booth, giveaways, and food! Stop by the tent on Morrell Street near the College Ave Student Center on October 8 at 9pm for a night of good vibes and Scarlet pride! Show off your Rutgers spirit during Homecoming week with Student Centers and Activities! For more information about Late Knight, visit go.rutgers.edu/lateknight.