what is RUcketlist?    

The RUcketlist is a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their time at Rutgers. Start your journey at Rutgers and check off the items on your RUcketlist!


  Convocation and Carnival

   August 31

Club DM

   Club DM

   September 2

Involvement Fair

    Fall Invovlement Fair    

    September 3    

Block Party

    Cultural Center Collaboration    

    Welcome Block Party    

    September 6    

Scarlet Day of Service

    Scarlet Day of Service ➦   

    September 15    

King Neptune

    King Neptune Night    

    September 18    

Parent & Family

    Parent and Family Weekend    

    October 5-7    

Homecoming Bed Races

    Homecoming Bed Races ➦    

    October 18    

Big Chill

    Big Chill ➦    

    December 1    

Geek Week

    Geek Week ➦    

    February 25 – March 1    

Mark Conference

    Mark Leadership Conference ➦    

    March 2    

Dance Marathon

    Dance Marathon ➦    

    April 5 – 6    

Hot Dog Day

    Hot Dog Day    

    Rain Date: April 18    

    April 17    

Rutgers Day

    Rutgers Day ➦    

    April 27    

Maniyah Figueroa - Fat Sandwich

   Eat a Fat Sandwich ➦

Cook Farm

   Pet a Piglet at the Cook Farm ➦

Student Organization

   Join a Student Organization ➦

Homecoming Football

    Attend a Football Game

Sabrina Olivia Pellunat

   Play Basketball at Deiner Park

Revolutionary Sign

    Take a Photo at the

    RevolUtionary Monument

Neilson Dining Hall

   Get Take Out from

   Neilson Dining Hall ➦

Fraternity or Sorority

    Join a Fraternity

    or Sorority ➦

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    Major Events & Programs    

The office of Major Events and Programs at Rutgers provides opportunities to find community and make memories outside of the classroom at events appealing to a diverse student body on all five campuses. We believe every student should #ExperienceRU.

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Questions or Inquires?
Please contact the office of Major Events and Programs at 848-932-7213.

Our office is located in the College Avenue Student Center, New Brunswick, NJ.