what is RUcketlist?    

The RUcketlist is a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their time at Rutgers. Start your journey at Rutgers and check off the items on your RUcketlist!


  Convocation and Carnival ➦

Club DM

 Club DM

Involvement Fair

    Fall Involvement Fair 

Block Party

    Cultural Center Collaboration    

    Welcome Block Party    

King Neptune

    King Neptune Night    

Scarlet Day of Service

    Scarlet Day of Service ➦   

Parent & Family

    Parent and Family Weekend    

Homecoming Bed Races

    Homecoming Bed Races ➦    

Big Chill

    Big Chill ➦    

Geek Week

    Geek Week ➦    

Mark Conference

    MARK Leadership Conference ➦    

Dance Marathon

    Dance Marathon ➦    

Hot Dog Day

    Hot Dog Day    

Rutgers Day

    Rutgers Day ➦    

Maniyah Figueroa - Fat Sandwich

   Eat a Fat Sandwich ➦

Cook Farm

   Pet a Piglet at the Cook Farm ➦

Student Organization

   Join a Student Organization ➦

Homecoming Football

    Attend a Football Game

Sabrina Olivia Pellunat

   Play Basketball at Deiner Park

Revolutionary Sign

    Take a Photo at the

    RevolUtionary Monument

Neilson Dining Hall

   Get Take Out from

   Neilson Dining Hall ➦

Fraternity or Sorority

    Join a Fraternity

    or Sorority ➦

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    Campus Programs    

Campus Programs at Rutgers provides opportunities to find community and make memories outside of the classroom at events appealing to a diverse student body on all five campuses. We believe every student should #ExperienceRU.

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Please contact Campus Programs at 848-932-7213.

Our office is located in the College Avenue Student Center, New Brunswick, NJ.