For Attendees

What is the Involvement Fair?

You can meet representatives from over 500 student organizations, university departments and community partners and learn about the amazing opportunities Rutgers has to offer.

Where can we see a map of the fair?

You can check out a map of the Fair online here: We will also have maps throughout the day at the Fair.

How do I find the organization I want to visit?

On our map (, you see the areas broken down by section. This will help find groups you may be interested in listed by category.

Can I go to the Involvement Fair alone?

Come by yourself, or bring friends! Whatever you prefer. Involvement Fair is a great place to find your community on campus, so even if you come with friends you may end up visiting different booths throughout the day.

How do I prepare for the Involvement Fair?

  • You can visit to check out more than 700 student clubs and organizations at Rutgers. That’s a great place to get started and find the kinds of organizations you may want to visit at the Fair.

What should I bring?

Be sure to bring a refillable water bottle for the water stations, in addition to a hat and sunscreen.

For Student Orgs

I don’t think I received an email about the Involvement Fair.

If you believe that you did not receive an email about the Involvement Fair, first check in with your fellow officers as they may have received it. The email went out to the officers that re-registered your organization.

When will organizations gain swipe access to their storage spaces if that space has materials needed for the Involvement Fair?

If you were assigned a storage space and need to gain access to it, contact for information.

Can we give out food at our table?

Small, individually pre-packaged items can be given out.  We recommend small candy items.

Do we have to wear masks?

Outdoor events at Rutgers University do not require masks.

Can we bring chairs to sit in at our table?

Due to space issues, please do not bring chairs or tents to the fair.