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Geek Week

What is Geek Week? Geek Week is a nationally recognized annual week of events celebrating all things “geeky” at Rutgers University. From tabletop and video gaming, to music, cosplay, academic panels based on gender and ethnic diversity, and more. By focusing on the students and their passions, Geek Week seeks to make meaningful differences in students lives by providing opportunities for them to find community, be accepted, and gain exposure to non-familiar topics and experiences in geek culture.

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Geek Week Events

Monday, February 22nd

Nerdology Trivia

Time: 7PM


Kick off Geek Week with Nerdology Trivia on Monday, February 22nd at 7PM! Join as an individual or with a virtual team (teams can work together virtually if they have a mode of communication outside of Zoom, ie: Discord). Think you know a lot about a lot? Are you the one who always seems to have the answers to your friends’ questions about pop-culture, video games, and comic books? Do you rarely need to google stuff? Then Nerdology is the perfect show for you! This program is an interactive pop-culture trivia show. A mix of awesome games and trivia interspersed with fun audience participation. Come play! Win prizes! Test your knowledge! This event is limited to the first 100 students who RSVP. For more information and to RSVP, visigetINVOLVED 

Tuesday, February 23rd

Muggle Mayhem Presents Hogwarts 1985: An interactive role playing story adventure

Time: 8PM

Location: Zoom

Escape to the world of Hogwarts! Come to this choose your own adventure and live the life of a Hogwarts student in 1985: go to classes, play or watch quidditch, duel, explore the castle, talk to professors and students! You will experience the magical world of Harry Potter while trying to uncover a secret plot that may threaten Hogwarts and the entire Wizarding World! You can play alone or with friends, and you will control what your character says and does, altering the outcome of the story. No prior roleplaying experience is necessary.

Thursday, February 25th

RUPA Presents: Game Knight in the Wizarding World

Time: 7PM – 8PM

Location: Zoom

Wizards, Warlocks, & Muggles – be sure not to miss out on RUPA Presents: Game Knight in the Wizarding World on February 25, 7-8PM. This exciting night will be filled with thrilling games, Hogwarts House quizzes, and Harry Potter trivia. Be sure to come prepared with your knowledge of the series and a wand in hand in order to make sure some mischief is managed!

This event will be hosted on Zoom, so no need to worry about flying into any Dementors on the way here! The link shall reveal itself the day-of, so be sure to return with the Revelio charm mastered.

Boardgame-A-Palooza! Presented by Unplugged: The Board Gaming Club

Time: 8PM

Location: Discord

Join us in playing online boardgames on Thursday (2/25) at 8pm! We’ll be playing games that are light, easy-to-learn, and much more fun than Monopoly! All are welcome as we hope to introduce you to the wonderful, varied world of boardgames!

Friday, February 26th

Get Ready Gamers: Geek Week at the HC

Time:  4PM – 6PM


Stressed out with midterms? Console yourself at HC Geek Week: Nintendo Edition! Find the Luigi to your Mario! Test your Nintendo trivia, sharpen your gaming skills, and explore a new virtual world! Join us on to experience it all. Get your game on early by registering now for a chance to win a special Geek Week prize. 

Rutgers Esports: Valorant Loadout Roulette

Time:  6PM – 8PM

The Rutgers Esports Center is hosting a casual event that is a collaboration between the Rutgers Women’s Gaming League club and the Rutgers Overwatch club. The game played will be Valorant, and the gamemode will be “Loadout Roulette” format. Participants will form teams of 5 and compete in a casual single elimination tournament bracket with a random loadout of weapons and abilities each round. The 1st place team will win a MSI Gaming Keyboard & Mouse set with a Rutgers Student Centers & Activities mousepad. 

Brawls by the Hearth!

Time:  8PM  |  Discord []

Buckle up for a fun night of Hearthstone – a free-to-play strategy card game! Whether you’re new and learning to play or hoping to flex your skills, we got something for you! Drop by for matches with other students across the different game modes and a chill community! Join our Discord [] to play, or sit back, relax, and catch us live on Twitch []! We’re excited to see you join the fray! 


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